What attendees are saying about Values-Centered Leadership

How would you respond to a peer who asked: Why should I consider attending Values-Centered Leadership training?

Binder Cover - Values-Centered LeadershipIt is a training that every professional manager should have. It allows the supervisor to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and to obtain realistic yet confidential feedback from his staff.

– Values-Centered Leadership is informative, confirming and directive. It motivates you to embrace and implement the values as a leaders as well as your organization, especially when working with youth.

– Values-Centered Leadership Training goes beyond the standard Meyers-Briggs type personality feedback to a model that incorporates areas of performance that typically aren’t addressed in other programs. The feedback received via the assessment from co-workers allows you to visually understand your strengths and areas of improvement. The integration of these assessment tools in combination with tried and true practices including 7 Habits make this an effective training experience for leaders looking to make positive change within themselves and their organization.

– You should consider Values-Centered Leadership training because it is very beneficial in your role as a leader. I really believe that everyone in a leadership position should go through this training. It’s important to know how you’re viewed amongst your co-workers, bosses, direct reports. This training is definitely life-changing.

– The training gave participants the opportunity to learn and review several management styles, learn how others view their strengths and weaknesses and offered practical tools to implement change. I recommend this training for anyone in a supervisory role within a mission driven organization.

– I am very grateful for this opportunity. This is my first supervisory position and the LSI results clearly identified what areas I need to work on. I also was able to see how others view me. I enjoyed the small class size and the one on one session with the facilitator. I thought the facilitator’s experiences provided valuable input as well.

– You should take the opportunity! It is a good resource and is very helpful in providing you with good information about leadership (theory and practice) and personalized feedback from your own employees about your leadership practices.

Responses of participants at the end of the year-long Values-Centered leadership process:

What part of the Values-Centered Leadership training has proved most valuable to you?Leaders

>        The training has reinforced many areas that I have been focusing on for years; some more successfully than others.  The LSI results opened my eyes to the areas I needed to improve and areas of strength.  It’s been good to have a snapshot of who I am.

>        How others view me alongside how I view myself was very helpful.  The layout of the LSI is simple and easy to understand.

>        I enjoyed a small class size I also enjoyed the midway consultation with the facilitator.

>        LSI results and individual meeting with facilitator.

>        Getting feedback from the LSI.

I appreciate the content and messages throughout the curriculum.  It inspired me to improve my role as an encourager and equipper.

>        How I’m viewed by others.

What principles/tips have you passed along to others?

>        I have focused on helping others to stay true to their values, and the values of the organization.  Also, I have focused on helping those unsupervised to grow and needed to areas.

>        I believe my team is aware that our primary job is to identify community in individual needs that will promote self sufficiency and meet those needs.  We can’t be focused on ourselves our entire focus must be on making our communities better.

>        Mission driven; Being open; Motivation; Accountability; Personal values (why and what to do)

>        Leading with passion and purpose

>        Seeking to make a difference in all that we do

>        Help agency values shape the organization

>        Permission to think big dreams outside the traditional programming to get to our ultimate goal — success in school and life

>        The importance of values for leadership on down

>        Concept of servant leadership

How has this training affected YOU?           

>        I feel more confident in providing service

>        I believe I am more knowledgeable and ready to take on challenges

>        Decision-making; opened my eyes and help me see that I have been hard on myself it times; help me see that I’m not doing as bad as I thought.  It helped me become a better leader with tips and information I learned.  It helped me see the value of becoming a better leader.

>        Since this is my first management position having an assessment was very helpful. I use the information for personal growth.

>        More confident in my ‘gut’ instinct

>        It has given me permission to be a leader that encourages others and grows those around me.

>        It reminded me of the importance of implementing values-centered programming

>        How I am perceived by others is how I thought I was perceived

How has this training affected your subordinates?

>        I believe they are more comfortable with me because of my decisiveness

>        I’m now in a better position to help develop my staff

>        I manage my subordinates the way I want to be managed.  I share some things in my LSI that I am working on and ask for feedback.  It is very important to me that my subordinates are happy in their work environment and that we function well as a team.

>        It helped them to be more open with me as their supervisor and helped them realize that they played a major role in the organizations big picture. They now understand how they contribute to our success and realize that without them we would not be able to effectively serve our clients.

>        They are more open to thinking about the impacts of their programs

>        They appreciate their coaching relationship with me

>        Gain knowledge of significance of values within the programs.

>        Witnessed a shift in my focus which requires a shift and their perspective

How has this training affected your organization?

>        Being a better leader makes for a better organization

>        I included values centered leadership concepts in our strategic planning process

>        Moving to deeper levels of Board engagement

>        I have had my staff look at the big outcomes of our organization, focusing on a mission that drives us all.