Take this Self-Scoring Values Quiz

A. If you found a wallet with $1000 in it and the owner’s name and address, would you:      keep it     get it to the owner    other

B. A neighbor asks you to be listed as a reference on a job application that you know includes misrepresentations of facts. Would you:      agree to be a reference with no questions  question the neighbor about the facts   refuse to be listed   other

C. How frequently do you show up for appointments that involve other people’s time?     90-100% of the time   70-90% of the time   50-70% of the time   less

D. How would you assess your truth-telling rate?Do you believe that you tell the truth:     always   at least 80% of the time   most of the time   less

E. If you drive, when you find yourself behind a “slowpoke” in the passing lane and slower cars are in the “slow” lane, is it your general practice to:     wait until the “slowpoke” gets out of the way   blink your lights   blow your horn   other

F. Would the choices that you made be the kind of choices you would like for others to make in your family? neighborhood? community?     yes   no

G. Based on your answer to this last question, how do you feel about your responses?     OK   I may need to work on some of my values