Values in Alignment™

Our comprehensive approach to teaching positive values and constructive life skills will help you accomplish your mission.  Benefits identified by those with whom we have worked include, improved attitudes and behavior of youth, improved effectiveness of leaders and staff, enriched programming, enhanced fundraising opportunities and measurable results.  

ViA is not an “add-on” program. It is a “core process” that shapes all of your programs to yield:

Improved Attitudes and Behavior of Youth

  • Better understanding by young people of the importance of goal setting and dedication to work to help them achieve their goals and realize their dreams
  • Focus on Respect, Integrity, Compassion and related values reinforces the notion that certain behaviors are preferable to others
  • Improved Effectiveness of Leaders and Staff

Greater unity among staff through shared understanding of values and objectives of the organization

  • Coherent decision making at all levels of the organization because values guide the decision-making process
  • Top executives and managers learn about how they think and behave and are guided into personal development plans to improve their leadership skills
  • Enriched Programming

Customized program ensures that you are in control of the messages you are delivering to youth

  • You are able to provide a consistent message over time delivered by adults who are trained in and coached to lead lives in harmony with your core values
  • Curriculum, is grounded in the work of the Life Skills Center of Virginia Commonwealth University

Enhanced Fund Raising Opportunities

  • Improved leadership and quality of programming makes the organization more attractive to contributors
  • People and foundations concerned about the erosion of values in society become prospective supporters

Measurable Results

  • We will help you review your processes and procedures to ensure that they are in alignment with your values
  • Evaluation of the implementation of ViA is built into the process so you will have results to share with parents, donors and other interested parties
  • Evaluation of the ViA pilot shows that the program positively affects the way youth say they will act when placed in situations that require ethical decision making