Values-Centered Leadership

We provide the training and personalized mentoring that has been proven to work in businesses throughout America. Starting with our Leadership Model for System Alignment we explain how good leaders first master themselves.

Utilizing the Life Style Inventory Stylus, a powerful assessment tool developed by Human Synergistics International, we help men and women identify their strengths and growth areas. We guide them through the steps needed for transformation from traditional managers into vital leaders who motivate and empower their subordinates in ways that lead to greater innovation and collaboration. That transformation will bring out the best in the individual and the organization.

The principal benefit of this approach is the alignment of all parts of an organization around a set of core values that will naturally flow to the youth you serve. You and your staff will be living the values and exhibiting the positive behaviors you want young people to emulate.

2015 Values-Centered Leadership Training Program

An evaluation of the Values-Centered Leadership pilot shows the positive benefits of this exceptional program.

Evaluation of V-CL Pilot