Creating Values-Focused Organizations

CompassYou can teach youth how to read a moral compass, but that’s not enough. You also have to show them why using it will improve their options in life.  That’s why staff members and volunteers at a youth serving organizations must embrace and live out the values they want to pass along. Values need to infect an organization.

The board and CEO must set the pattern and work diligently to ensure that the organization’s core values influence hiring, discipline, purchasing, fundraising, setting and measuring goals, and interaction with parents and guardians.

To help CEO’s and key management, we developed Values-Centered Leadership. This component of our Values in Alignment process focuses on developing transformational leaders–men and women who develop constructive thinking styles, elevate the performance of subordinates, and model behaviors consistent with their organization’s values.  We also created a robust orientation and other staff training and enrichment components for the men and women who interact directly with young people.

Through the years we discovered that many youth organizations are staffed by younger people who often have desire, but not necessarily the skills to provide consistent, positive reinforcement of positive values. We help your staff evaluate their personal values and provides practical advise on bringing those personal values into alignment with the core values of your organization. Most importantly, we teach them how to pass those values along to others–particularly the young people with whom they work.